Poland offers an incomparable variety of landscapes. From rocky Tatra mountains (2.500 meters) to the sandy beaches of Baltic Sea. 23 national parks with the oldest forest in Europe - Bialowieza. Unparalleled animals: bears, aurochs, moose's, boars. Unique buildings, castels, cities.

Poland has been a member of the European Union since 2004, having adapted all European regulations, including those applying to legal and technical standards.

Comparing to most European countries, Poland offers services and equipment at much lower prices. Poland has many full equipped rental companies with newest cameras, lighting and technical equipment.

STI delivers full support and assistance to foreign production companies interested to shoot in Poland. Also we are open for all offer of co-production.

STI assures very high level of professionalism. Our advantage is the experience in cooperating with many foreign companies. Films produced by STI won great and prestigious awards: BAFTA, Cannes, Polish Film Festival etc. and were presented on many famous film festivals: Cannes, Sundance, Berlinale, Avignion, Viesbaden...

The STI Studio, established in 1994 has produced 100 hours feature films, over 1500 hours of TV series and 30 documentaries.

Our main productions:

2000-12 - "Plebania". Since 2000, STI has been engaged on the TV serial "Presbytery" broadcast on TVP Channel 1, 3 times a week.

2007-8 - ""33 sceny z zycia" "dir. Malgorzata Szumowska. Co-produced by STI, Pandora and Zentropa.

2006-7 - "Dwie strony medalu". TV seria

2006-7 - "Kopciuszek". TV seria

2005 - "Katarakt". TV serial. Services for Belgian company - Menuet. Dir. Jan Matthys.

2005 - "Pope John Paul II". TV serial and feature film. Services for Italian company - Lux Vide. Dir. John Kent Harrison .

2005 - "Szatan z siódmej klasy". 7 episodes, TV serial and feature film

2005 - "Wiedzmy". 13 episodes, TV serial

2005 - "Boża podszewka 2". Second part of TV serial. Next 16 episodes. Dir. Izabella Cywińska

2004-5 - "Karol. Człowiek, który został Papieżem". "Karol. Man who became Pope". 2 episodes TV serial and feature film about live of Karol Wojtyla - Pope John Paul II. Coproduction with Italian company - Nova Films. Dir. Giacomo Battiato.

2004 - "Cała zima bez ognia". "Tout Un Hiver Sans Feu" Feature film. Best prize on Cannes festival for director Greg Zglinski. Coproduction with Cab Production - Swiss company.

2004 - "Ono". "Strangers". Feature film based on a screenplay by Małgorzata Szumowska and Przemek Nowakowski. The script was nominated for the NHK Sundance Filmmakers' Award 2001. The director, Małgorzata Szumowska has received many awards at international festivals. She is one of the youngest members of European Film Academy. "Strangers" is co-produced by STI Studio, Pandora Film from Germany and Eurimages.

2002 - "Zaginiona". 7 episodes TV serial. Dir. Andrzej Kostenko

2001 - "Tam, gdzie żyją Eskimosi". "Where Eskimos Live". Feature film based on a screenplay by Robert Butter and Tomasz Wiszniewski and has been the recipient of the Hartley - Merill Award as well as the winner of the 1998 NHK Sundance screenwriting competition. The male lead was played by Bob Hoskins. Dir. Tomasz Wiszniewski

2000 - "Anna Karenina". 4 episodes serial for Channel 4. The film was nominated for BAFTA AWARD in 2001. Dir. David Blair

1999 - "Na plebanii w Wyszkowie 1920". Feature film. Dir. Lucyna Smolińska.

1999 - "Rancid Aluminium". Thriller. Starring Rhys Ifans and Steven Berkoff. Dir. Ed Thomas.

1999 - "Jak narkotyk". Feature film, partly filmed on location in England. Dir. Barbara Sass

1999 - "Wszystkie pieniądze świata". 4 hours TV serial - a love story from World War II. Dir. Andrzej Kotkowski

1997 - "Wojenna narzeczona" "Bride of war" Polish-Welsh coproduction. Feature film and 4 episodes TV serial for Channel 4. The film won BAFTA Cymru Award in 1998 for best cinematography. Dir. Peter Edwards

1996 - "Świt na opak", "L' AUBE R L'ENVERS". Dir. Sophie Marceau. .

1996 - "Boża podszewka" "God's Lining" 15-hour epic drama. Dir. Izabella Cywińska.

The representative of the company is:
· Teresa Dworzecka - producer.
She has produced all of STI's drama output, applying the experience she's gained during 25 years of TV finance and management.

STI Studio Filmowe
00-656 Warszawa, ul. Sniadeckich 10
phone +48 22 629 21 69

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